Growing up as a child, I always loved the raccoon and thought they were not only adorable but cunning and smart creatures to boot. Growing up in the mountains, you see plenty of wildlife and we would actually have a family of raccoons who would often visit our property to scavenge for any leftovers the family may have left from barbecuing or cooking outside.

I Raccoonwould often walk very close to them and they became used to our presence. Needless to say, I was hooked, and I have been a raccoon lover ever since. As I grew older, my love for animals also matured and I decided to buy my own piece of property in the wilderness so that I could enjoy the critters that I had come to appreciate so much.

However, I failed to realize that owning a home deep in a forest also means that you are going to come in contact with wild animals on a more regular basis than even in a rural area. Although the thought dawned on me once or twice when I moved in, I never thought that I would actually have a day where a wild animal actually broke into my home when I wasn’t there. But as it often happnes, it is precisely what happened.

One winter day as I came home from a long day of work, I noticed that the screen to a window which I had mistakenly left open was slit. I immediately panicked and thought an intruder was inside. I called the police thinking they would have to arrest whoever was now residing in my home. To my surprise, when the officer searched the home he stated that the only thing in there was a baby raccoon who had become frightened and wedged himself under a cabinet. It was time for a rescue to take place.

The office and I were able to coax the young raccoon out with food and he then fled through the back door. It was a great experience altogether as no one got hurt and raccoon was able to go back to his home. I will always remember this story, and I tell it to emphasize all residents to look into wildlife removal Denver in order to be prepared for such an occurrence as it is common in this area. Be prepared and don’t let a critter take you by surprise like it did to me on that cold afternoon.

To this day I will always be grateful to the wildlife removal Denver for helping me out, because who knows how it could have turned out? As lovely as they are, raccoons are wild animals who carry diseases and can become unpredictable. truly is a reliable raccoon removal Denver branch which I am suggesting to all my friends and family based on the experience I had. Luckily, they operate in various states ensuring I will be able to rely on this company even if I move. Whilst I have dealt only with the Denver branch I am sure the rest of the company is just as fantastic!

And what’s even better (at least for me, as an animal lover) is that they are humane about animal removal, in fact I can certainly say – they wouldn’t even hurt a fly!